Welcome to FAVEme!

FAVEme has, and always will be, ‘all about sharing’: When a FAVEme friend has shared something with you, or you with them, you’re both now ‘friends’ with each other on the App.

Share the Love. It’s Rewarding.

Our patented ‘everything I get, you get and everything you get, I get’ system means that you receive all the great offers your friend receives, and they receive all of yours too, automatically. So the more friends you actively share gifts with, the more ‘FAVE friends’ you’ll collect on the App, and the more gifts you’ll get back, automatically, every time they get a new great gift. That’s why, at FAVEme, we say “Sharing is Karma”. The more you share, the more get back. So go ahead: Share the Love. It’s Rewarding.

Our FAVE Values


We believe in sharing, and community. We love that our local businesses are the backbone of our communities and that FAVEme users get to share great deals with their friends.


Local business owners have a hard enough time in the best of times. Their businesses didn’t “magically appear” one day: They have built them up with endless effort and care, every day.


We don’t just say stuff. We live it. At home, and at the company. We are Here to Help. To Share. To Enjoy. If you join our team, we share our success with you. When we go home from our day, we do so smiling.

Share rewards with friends and get rewards back in return

Friends and those who appreciate each other can send and share gifts via the FAVEme App as easy as sharing a pic online.

go ahead. Share the Love. It’s Rewarding

What Our Client Says

Patti D

Slow load till I used the menu icon but after that loved it. Free gifts shared with friends and they gave me some back so all good! Never had any contact from the app after I got my gifts so nice to have an app that respects my time.

Ben W

Everyone wins, and no one pays. This app is designed to engender incessant awards to its beholder. How can you complain about constant rewards at no cost? Ten stars for the FAVE app.

Debra R

This app has awesome benefits and gifts I can redeem at my favorite restaurants, and it’s also a great way to discover new restaurants! And it’s free!!

Kyle R

Wow. I Really like it and recommend to all. Its a great app. Our full family download it. We had great food, and great service. Its very Easy to use.Thanks Developers